Mo and Ross want to bring some inspurration into the lives of you and your Cat with this set of Cat-sized posters!

The Posters


Designed just for Cats, each poster features an elegant pairing of image and word. Dream your Dream, Paws and Be Grateful, Abundance: May your bowl be ever full. These universal messages invite us into the feline world, and help us to better empathize and connect with our small friends. Cats are quite sensitive to changes in their environment and will appreciate the extra attention and care put into their special places around the home.

Mr. Cool’s favorite windowsill is the purrfect place for this Inspurrational Poster!


Get Inspurration! Posters for Extraordinary Cats in digital form. Great for the millennial generation cat. This makes it easy to print your own posters or set up an Inspurrational slideshow for your kitty with a tablet or phone!

All the above, plus: A set of EIGHT posters printed on glossy paper, along with installation instructions & handy measuring tool!

All the Above, plus a high-quality download of all of the original music from our videos! Over 5 tracks produced by Rocco Strain featuring performances by Mo Golden, Ross Cowman, and Eleanor Murray!

All the above, plus: 2 extra sets for your Cat friends! Purrfect for gifts and you save on shipping!

The Videos

For the past month Olympia Artists Mo and Ross have been driving around, sharing their posters with Cats and their humans up and down the west coast. They’ve created a series of videos documenting their discoveries that will be coming out throughout this campaign!

The Hype

Thanks so much for checking out Inspurrational Posters for Cats!

Mo & Ross