the Team

Mo Golden – A multi-media artist with a love for cats, kitsch, and connecting with people through humor. She’s known in the ‘hood for petting outdoor cats at dusk. Check out the Art Kitchen interviews, where she interviews artists about their creative process.

Ross Cowman – An award-winning game designer with 10 years experience in the publishing industry. Ross began making art for Cats when his little grey Lilian was born, 17 years ago.

Rocco Strain – Cat lover and sound wizard extraordinaire, Rocco is the mind behind the music. Motivational posters have always been an integral part of Rocco’s life and he takes great pride in knowing that his creations are helping to inspire felines all around the globe. You can check out more of their music on the Aurescence bandcamp page.

Eleanor Murray – Eleanor Murray – Video editor and musician. Eleanor first began creating for cats with her folk song “Louise”. Check out more of Eleanor’s music + music videos.